The Zero Percent Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing high quality resources and community support to people looking to decarbonize their lives. The Club was founded by Peter Ehrlich in 2023.

Our Focus

The world is quickly warming up due to human-made carbon-dioxide emissions, which will quickly make it more uncomfortable for us humans than it already is. Fixing our course will be Herculean but not Sisyphean. (That is, it will be difficult, but not impossible.) Many problems must be solved on the level of large corporations and governments, which seem inaccessible to most people.

However, some significant sources of emissions cannot be controlled by governments and corporations, but can only be controlled by the individuals - these are emissions generated personally. (Your Scope 1 emissions, if you want to use the lingo.)

There is another upside though. By working together on home decarbonization, we can build a stronger unified voice for change - in our governments, our electric grids, and our corporations.

Four Core Tenants

Non Partisanship

Beyond the four traits, we have one important communication norm: respectful, open minded, and honest conversation. This is held true at all times, even with a wide range of opinions present, which is the very picture of climate work.

We accomplish this by holding dear non-partisanship. On the highest level, this means not ascribing or holding-holy any one political party, but staying focused on the common goal of decarbonization.

Non-partisan ship is also the reason for the use of the words “decarbonize”, and “zero-emission” over the words “electrify” and “renewable”. The former represent the objective criteria of our goal, whereas the latter represent common solutions. (For example, we would not want to inadvertently exclude hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from a mental list of carbon-free transportation solutions.)


To get in touch, you can contact Peter directly.